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Thinking about Couples Therapy?

Making the choice to go to couples therapy can feel like a very big step.

It involves admitting that things are not perfect in your partnership, which is often tough to do and scary to accept. And if you are not particularly familiar with what therapy is all about, it can feel mysterious and confusing. 


Typically, these are the common issues couples present with in therapy.


   - Trust is broken: one of the most common reasons for couples seeking therapy is the need for help in overcoming a major breach of trust. This may involve infidelity, or an emotional affair, but the rebuilding of the foundation of trust is necessary. This can start in therapy by establishing a forum in which both parties are free to express their vulnerability.


  -Arguments are getting more frequent: 69% of couples' arguments are perpetual, therefore, if you and your partner are shifting to a more conflict-oriented rhythm, whether big or small, this increase in the pattern should be addressed. More important, it could indicate significant problems under the surface that aren't being dealt with.


 - Communication is poor:  Often, one of the most tangible outcomes of couples therapy is an increase in communication, and a major improvement in its quality. 


 - Something definitely feels wrong, but you're not sure what or why:  Just as with individual therapy, sometimes couples therapy is useful not only for solving problems, but also for identifying them.

psychologist talking with married couple
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